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Here are some links to websites that you may find helpful as you plan your project.
New Home Plans   
Thinking about building a new home but haven't decided upon a plan yet?  "eplans.com" offers a wide range of styles, sizes and features to meet every taste.
Remodeling Cost vs. Value
Ever wonder what a typical remodeling project will cost, and how it will increase the value of your home?  "Remodeling Magazine" has compiled average data for the New England region that you might find useful.  Remember that each project is unique and you should discuss your particular project with a qualified contractor who will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate.
2013 Cost vs. Value
Re-siding or Re-Roofing?
Wouldn't it be niceto be able to see how different types and colors of siding and roofing might look on your house?  Use CertainTeed's "ColorView" program to select a house style that is similar to yours, and experiment with different materials and colors to see what combination would make your house stand out.
CertainTeed Roofing & Siding    (click "Start Your ColorView Project")
Siding and Insulation
Even though the walls of your house may be well insulated, a significant amount of heat is lost through the building's framing (called "thermal bridging").  If you are thinking about re-siding your house this is the perfect time to consider improving your house's energy efficiency.  Adding up to an inch of Dow's Styrofoam insulation under the siding will reduce your heating costs by providing additional insulation as well as reducing unwanted air infiltration.  You can calculate your potential savings by going to:
Dow Energy Tools
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